Take our poll: Do you think women should be allowed to serve in combat without any restrictions?

The ACLU, women in combaton behalf of four servicewomen, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the U.S. Department of Defense saying the 1994 ban on women serving in combat is unconstitutional. Though the Defense Department has loosened many of its gender-based restrictions, women are still banned from infantry and other small-combat units.

Read Soldiers sue Dept. of Defense to lift ban on women in combat by Janeen Capizola and tell us what you think. Please leave comments if you like.

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10 thoughts on “Take our poll: Do you think women should be allowed to serve in combat without any restrictions?

  1. Luther Henry says:

    Only Paula Broadwell should be allowed to serve in combat without any restrictions. I am old school and would feel compelled to look out for and protect women from danger at the risk of placing myself and others in harms way. I know that some women are just as or even more dangerous in battle than many men but they are the exception rather than the rule. Men and women are different and I have always said, "viva la difference".

    1. Don Owens says:

      I think when you are born you should be given a Birth Certificate, a Social Security Number and Draft Registration all at the same time. At 18 years of age everybody should be drafted and be required to serve in the Military for a minimum of 2 years prior to college or being allowed to vote or hold any government office. Exceptions would be for persons with severe disabilities that would preclude their serving, but if they wanted to serve, then they should be also allowed to serve as well in some capacity. The military should not have choose between a man and a woman to serve in combat since we are all trained the same way and all have the same skills. I served 24 years in the US Army and I know first hand that most of the ladies I served with would be able to protect me as well as I would be able to protect them. That is what teamwork does, creates an atmosphere of trust between fellow soldiers. When you differentiate between the sexes for any reason, then you are demeaning the team. No difference in a foxhole.

    2. Mark says:

      If women want to fight let them!!! My only concern is that men will worry about them more than they do themselves and end up being hurt more. It is our instinct to protect women and so maybe we wouldn't pay attention to ourselves as we normally would!!!!

    3. Linda Hoskinson says:

      This is what the womens liberation movement has been about for decades. The same game b eing played today is the same game played in the 70's. This is what their definition of equality means. With Equality you have no freedom to choose.

  2. BOB Kelly says:

    God Created us all Equal & I for one think Women should be paid the same as men & if they are trained to use the Weapons then they should be-able to fight right along side of the men!!!

  3. J. Beally says:

    This is the problem with our mindset as a party. Women are not the weaker sex. WE DELIVER BABIES. If you guys had to do that, trust me, you'd want to die rather than do it. Colds make you whine for goodness sake. Sorry. 🙂

  4. R Kinkead says:

    Am not going to choose between NEVER and ALWAYS. Women have been banned from combat for the same reason that a deerhunter does not shoot a doe: they are (or have been) the vehicle of continuity of the species. Then again, those women who have chosen not to perform a female's primary function ought to be allowed to offer their lives for the benefit of the rest of us and be rewarded with the same high honor Obama gives the rest of the military.

    BTW, look for this to lead to a set-up scenario where Obama awards the first black female the Medal of Honor.

  5. torepedo says:

    I remember the first women to go down in combat in the Gulf War. She was a helicopter pilot and went down behind enemy lines. She was held captive by Iraqi soldiers for some time. We never heard of the treatment she went through. She was raped and raped and raped. Yeah lets send our women into combat. Great idea. They are not equal in many ways. Physically, mentally we are very different. I as a young male would not of been focused on the task before me if there was young women side by side with me.

  6. Rifraffe says:

    Much of the art of war has become electronic and distant and almost anonymous. Snipers can be a mile or more away. Drones flying over the middle east are piloted by someone sitting in Arizona. However, no woman should ever be put in the position of hand-to-hand combat for crying out loud. There are many, very intense combat situations in which women can participate without directly jeopardizing their lives and the lives of their fellow (male) combatants. Until (if ever) the NFL allows women to strap on a helmet and a set of pads the military should never consider females for direct combat. No women in fox holes. Not now. Not ever. We men do battle to protect our women and children. Its part of the big deal. Part of what makes us tick. Its who we are. A guy thing. I, for one, don't want that to ever change.

  7. Salt says:

    Women should Be because it would be their choce and their are many women that are stronger then men and women should choose not be Turned down they would want to serve the U.S if they say they would like to join.

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