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Harry Reid was for the filibuster before he was against it

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On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he and other senate Democrats will attempt to limit Republicans’ use of the filibuster in the Congress beginning in January.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky. reacted immediately in a floor speech.

“What these Democrats have in mind is a fundamental change to the way the Senate operates for the purpose of consolidating their own power and further marginalizing the minority voices that the Senate was built to protect.”

McConnell wasn’t the only senator to object to limiting the filibuster.

“The filibuster is far from a procedural gimmick. It’s a part of the fabric of this institution we call the Senate. It was well-known in colonial legislatures before we became a country and it’s an integral part of our country’s 214 year history,” said Reid when the issue came up years ago.

In the following video, we see not only Reid, but also then-Senator Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer, Tom Harkin, Patty Murphy, Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry and Bill Nelson, all arguing passionately in favor of the filibuster.


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