Entrepreneur blasts Obama with both barrels

While preparing for talks with Congressional leaders to hammer out a plan to deal with the upcoming fiscal cliff, the president met with CEOs, entrepreneurs as well as, oddly enough, labor leaders.

One of those small business leaders was Drew Greenblatt, president of Marlin Steel who spoke to FOX Business prior to the meeting.

“We’ve got to increase job creation, fast,” he emphasized. “This recession has gone on too long, and now is the time for us to turn it around by creating certainty.”


3 thoughts on “Entrepreneur blasts Obama with both barrels

  1. Sandy says:

    Obama needs to go. He is not intelligent enough for the job PERIOD !!!!!!

    1. Robin says:

      You're Right Sandy, unfortunately, When we Had the Chance to get rid of Him All The Ones who had been getting all the Handouts which we have to PAY FOR ,came out of the Woodwork. I Guess it's the Case of The Idiot leading the Gullible

  2. CJ hutt-derr says:

    All we can do is pray, he screws up so much, even his loyal supporters are thrown under the bus so far, they will be out in force to impeach him. I have never been so ashamed of the USA as I have been since 2006. They audacity of this once great, strong nation, to stoop to such a low because of a liberal party so excited over a man with limited leadership talents and over-the-top ego. Very discouraging

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