Justice Ginsburg wants all-female Supreme Court

Ina candid conversation onC-SPAN, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg d her thoughts on “Women, Gender Discrimination and the Courts” at the University of Colorado Law […]

GOP considers axing ‘obsolete’ Iowa Straw Poll

Any talk of the 2016 presidential election makes me plug my ears, cover my eyes and go running from the room. However, when such talk involves the […]

Students taught Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism

For two weeks, the Obama administration tried to pawn the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on our foreign mission in Benghazi, Libya as a demonstration that got out […]

Ambassador Rice angers GOP Senators, again

Will someone with um, a backbone, please stand up and identify yourself in Congress? What must it take for GOP congressional leaders to start holding cabinet members […]

Petraeus scandal’s socialite to be stripped of honorary title

South Korea is set to strip Tampa socialite Jill Kelley of her meaningless title of “honorary consul” for reportedly using the title inappropriately for “personal gain.” Kelley, […]

fl sugar cane
A conservative case for sugar tariffs

most conservatives, I don’t like subsidies or government intervention in markets. But I do like U.S. sugar policy, which, according to some, runs counter to these […]

Sean Hannity, Jamie Foxx
Hannity panel finds it hard to defend Jamie Foxx‘s Obama is “our lord and savior” comment

Sean Hannity gathered a panel on air to discuss Jamie Foxx‘s Soul Train Awards comment that President Barack Obama is “our lord and savior.” Comedian Paul Mercurio […]

Grover Norquist responds to GOP ‘retreads’ abandoning anti-tax pledge

In response to a number of GOP Senators backing away from the anti-tax pledge he authored, Grover Norquist is speaking out. Norquist, an anti-tax lobbyist and head […]

Entrepreneur blasts Obama with both barrels

While preparing for talks with Congressional leaders to hammer out a plan to deal with the upcoming fiscal cliff, the president met with CEOs, entrepreneurs as well […]

ballot box, men
Forget women, Dems better start wooing men

This year’s presidential election sported the biggest gender gap ever tracked in Gallup polling’s 60-year history, according to data released after November’s election. Exit polls have shown […]

Nuke the moon, and shoot the survivors with automatic weapons

If you ask me, the most epic rant in the history of the Internet, “Nuke the Moon,” was on the money, illustrating the fundamental truth of the […]