Take our poll: Should House Republicans compromise with Democrats and agree to trade increased taxes for budget cuts?

The 2011 terms of the Budget Control Act will go into effect Jan. 1, 2013. Mandatory budget cuts, the end of the Bush tax cuts, and new Obamacare taxes will begin. While no one wants to see the U.S. plunge off the “fiscal cliff,” partisan politics may make it difficult to reach a compromise.

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20 thoughts on “Take our poll: Should House Republicans compromise with Democrats and agree to trade increased taxes for budget cuts?

  1. Tim in Oregon says:

    NO DEAL. Never trust a Washington DC Democrat. They are, as a group of drones, a spending phenomenon that cannot be stopped with facts or logic. We must throw them all out at the ballot boxes in coming elections.

  2. Bonnie says:

    "We must throw them all out at the ballot boxes in coming elections"

    How do you suppose we do that when the elections are rigged for demonrats?

    1. beeta houston says:

      My thoughts exactly.. We will never have another fair election. This is twice. Shameful..If the repubs are not allowed to work the polls and voter ID which obama will not allow then we are sunk.

  3. beeta houston says:

    Amen Elizabeth.. You are right on… I feel so angry at the things going on in Washington that we are now powerless to do anything about and it gets worse by the moment. He is a muslim that is going to destroy us. He has things going into effect that will affect us all negatively in our lives. The ones in the WH are exempt from all that effect the people.. . It is just so flustrating to sit and watch all he is doing to us and no recourse what so ever…

  4. beeta houston says:

    Obama did not win the election. He is a usurper and a fraud. There were so many reports of fraud. Chicago union and thugs busing people from chicago into Wi to vote at all the polls state wide, No voter ID required. some places obama got 147 % of the votes…explain to me how you do that? This happened in more than one state…And nothing is being done about this. Also in 1982 Carter passed something and the then Repubs signed it that the Repubs could never question or protest an election results if fraud was suspected. I found this in researching and this is what it stated… This may be the reason Romoney did not or could not protest the fraud. This needs to be done away with but you will never get it done with Obama in office . They would never let that be dismissed.. The american people need to know about this and raise all kinds of hell about it…

  5. beeta houston says:

    I don't know why you are blaming TEXAS.. We did not vote for Obama.. we are a Red state.. and all 50 states requested secession. So why are you down on TEXAS? You seem to be double talking there…Or are you from TEXAS like I am and wish we could Secede.. I am confused at what you said there.

  6. beeta houston says:

    I voted NO MORE TAXES. They are not responsible with the taxes they are already collecting. I do not like my tax money going to the muslims by the billions every few weeks. I do not like my tax money going for abortion and paying for BC . I believe we need to strengthen our military not tear it down. Obama just fired 20.000 men in the marines I believe it was. This is just a start to dismantle our military. They need to show some responsibility with our money before they take more to just blow at will. Obama goes around congress to blow billions on Muslims. I do not support these terrorist ..No more tax money !!!

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