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‘Red Dawn’ remake: New and improved?

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“Red Dawn” is considered by many to be a classic movie from the eighties. Its popularity from the past should drive plenty of  fans to see the remake by the same name, released over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The film is getting a mixed response. Check out two respected points of view:

From the Washington Free Beacon:

The new Red Dawn remake is a fine example of a number of dispiriting trends in the filmmaking industry. The picture was based on a brand name instead of a heartfelt original tale. The studios mutilated it in order to placate Chinese Communists. And it was served up to audiences that studios assume will eat whatever they are served. Read the full review:

Red Yawn
REVIEW: How Hollywood butchered a cult classic to appease China  BY: Sonny Bunch

Comments from FoxNews.com:



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