Top Republican Senator abandons 20-year-old anti-tax pledge

With Congress and the White House facing a year-end deadline to reach a deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” a top Republican senator is abandoning an anti-tax pledge he signed years ago.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., broke ranks with other conservatives saying it is more important to solve the country’s fiscal crisis than honor the decades-old pact. Chambliss is a member of the “Gang of Six, a bipartisan group of senators tasked with finding a solution to the country’s fiscal woes.”

“I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge,” he told WMAZ-TV. “If we do it his way then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that.”

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge was authored by conservative activist Grover Norquist, anti-tax lobbyist and head of Americans for Tax Reform, and does not allow for legislators to raise tax rates. The pledge has been signed by the majority of congressional Republican lawmakers, who agree to “solemnly bind themselves to oppose any and all tax increases.”

While distancing himself from the pledge might hurt his re-election efforts in 2014, Chambliss said he’s not concerned about it. “I’m willing to do the right thing and let the political consequences take care of themselves,” Chambliss said.

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


5 thoughts on “Top Republican Senator abandons 20-year-old anti-tax pledge

  1. Rich says:

    Grover Norquist had some racket going on. He coerced all those representatives to buy into his mind control and go to his weekly mind control breakfast meetings. They should have pledged to fight Medicare, Social Security and bank fraud or they should have pledged to do something about the illegal immigration or they should have pledged to vote for term limits in congress or they should have pledged to lead a life with high moral standards while serving in public office or they should have pledged to settle for nothing less than a balanced budget. No, instead they pledged their lives to Grover Norquist who had them dancing like puppets on a string. He cost them votes. This guy Saxby is on the right track.

    1. Jg says:


      Where is your integrity. Those tems also should also be pledged, not instead of!

    2. Rich says:

      Senator Lindsey Graham is on board now. He is throwing Norquist under the bus today.

  2. Joe Hilger ( says:

    If Saxby felt that way prior to being re-elected, he should have made those feelings known to his constituents. Daresay, he would not be a Senator, today. Does Ga have mechanisms to recall their Senatorial elected officials?

  3. Rich says:

    Do they have a list of the representatives who pledged their lives to Norquist's interests instead of the United States of America? I 'd like to see it posted.

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