Exposing bullying campaign endorsed by the Obamas

Dan Savage, the founder of “It Gets Better,” a homosexual anti-bullying campaign, promotes his cause by viciously and obscenely bullying Christians and conservatives, including teens.

He attempted to defame pro-life and pro-traditional family presidential candidate Rick Santorum by “Google-bombing” Santorum’s name on search engines to associate it with sodomy.

Notwithstanding his methods, Savage has gained the support of celebrities and politicians alike, including Barack Obama.

After winning Obama’s endorsement, Savage said that the president was in effect telling “queer kids” that “there’s something wrong with your parents, there’s something wrong with your preachers, … and f____ those people.”

The Family Research Council produced this video to expose Savage’s practices with his own words and actions. It’s titled, “Dan Savage: America’s “bully-in-chief’”


2 thoughts on “Exposing bullying campaign endorsed by the Obamas

  1. Alice says:

    He cannot bully us if we ignore him. Teach our children to stand by the truth. No matter how proud he is of his ungodly activities, he will answer to the God who made him. Then, he won't be doing much bullying. For that reason, I pray for his conversion.

  2. Michael Louis Anders says:

    Obama is the biggest bully of a dismal self proclaimed leader ever !!!

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