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Egyptian unrest escalates as Morsi sets himself up as ‘new Pharaoh’

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Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi has overstepped his powers according to the Supreme Judicial Council of Egypt and many of the Egyptian people who gathered to protest in the streets.

Morsi declared himself and his regime exempt from judicial review, giving him almost unlimited power on Thursday. The move sparked a wave of fear among those who oppose the Muslim Brotherhood having the power to become a forceful dictatorship. According to Fox News:

Liberals and secular Egyptians accuse the Brotherhood of monopolizing power, dominating the writing of a new constitution and failing to tackle the country’s chronic economic and security problems.

Supporters and opponents of the new Morsi  government went head to head in Cairo on Saturday, where the violence has escalated to a level reminiscent of last year’s Arab Spring.

Morsi threatened to use his power in a declaration to chanting supporters in Cairo Friday, in front of the presidential palace.

“I don’t like, want or need to resort to exceptional measures, but I will if I see that my people, nation and the revolution of Egypt are in danger.”

The latest from the region was reported by Fox News in the following video:




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