Video: Ambassador Rice calls out her critics

get-attachment.aspxWhile most Americans were preparing Wednesday evening to travel, cook, and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, not watching the news, United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice spoke, for the first time in weeks, to reporters outside the U.N. Security Council. She continued to defend the comments she made on the Sunday talk show circuit days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack killed 4 American diplomats in Benghazi.

As discussed in a related article, CBS reported Tuesday it was the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, not the White House or State Department, who edited the talking points Rice used to spin a nonsensical tale that the attack was a “spontaneous” protest over a YouTube video, even though she knew full well that the attack was terrorism.

Rice told reporters:

As a senior U.S. diplomat, I agreed to a White House request to appear on the Sunday shows to talk about the full range of national security issues of the day, which at that time were primarily and particularly the protests that were enveloping and threatening many diplomatic facilities, American diplomatic facilities around the world, and Iran’s nuclear program.

She defended her statements adding:

When discussing the attack against our facilities in Benghazi, I relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. I made clear that the information was preliminary, and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers.

Seems like another attempt of CYA considering President Obama may nominate Susan Rice for Secretary of State. In a related article from Monday, 97 House Republicans wrote Obama saying they would “strongly oppose” her nomination, and Sen. John McCain has been quite outspoken in his criticism of her. Rice said that though she will always respect McCain, “some of the statements he’s made about me have been unfounded, but I look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him.”

I just hope the appropriate time is long before we are subjected to her Senate confirmation hearing.


Janeen Capizola

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And fun! This conservative-minded political junkie, mom of three, dancer and one-time NFL cheerleader holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science. [email protected] Twitter: @JaneenBPR


11 thoughts on “Video: Ambassador Rice calls out her critics

  1. sunflower says:

    Hmmm , maybe she does not think the hole she has dug for herself could not get any deeper.

  2. Mike Smollon says:

    Republican hypocrisy at its finest. The video linked below is a great example of the Republicans trying desperately to make something out of nothing, and get even decide on what they are upset about.

    1. Mike Smollon says:

      I meant "can't"

    2. Sam Watts says:


      Because of the misinformation–false statements– put out by our government, there were riots all over the Mideast, and seventeen people were killed. I don't know about you, but that sounds serious enough to me to prompt efforts to try to get to the truth. But I do agree that Senator McCain and others need to be sure they have all the facts before they do any finger-pointing.

      1. Quan says:

        Senator McCain has since recanted.

  3. Larry F says:

    We have too many liars in DC. The Obama administration is too deep with blacks and muslims who are willing to do whatever it takes to carry out the deceitful agenda of the administration.. What was promised to be the most transparent administration ever has proven to be the least transparent in the history of politics!

  4. Douglas says:

    mike Smollon your a blind idiot if you believe anything that comes out of the obama administration. they are nothing but a lying treasonous party backed by a media that beds down with them. be a good brainless democrat and keep up the good work blaming the republicans. hes had 4 years of do nothing government other then spend money on the lazy people of this country, all his big spending… of chinese money.. because or reserve has been empty for years. and when the prsident comes out and says dont attack rice she had nothing to do with benghazi then he shouldnt have sent her out their with faulse reports to read. he made he part of it. and you democrats need to stop with ..they are picking on her because shes a black female. that has nothing to do with it..she took the lead and went in front of the cameras on 5 different news shows.. she then made herself responsible for her lies. so mike go back to your corner and dont come out till your intellegent enough to fight your presidents battles with facts. the republicans are doing their job to get the truth of 4 dead americans and why chris stevens was brokering arms to the al qida terrorists in syria which by the constitution is treason.

  5. Mike Smollon says:

    Wow, Douglas. That must have taken you hours to write. Too bad this site doesn't have spellcheck. First.of all, I'm not blaming Republicans for anything other than being hypocrites.(You can look that word up). And now you are saying Chris Stevens was a traitor? That's news to me. In case you aren't smart enough to understand the video I attached, the point was that Condoleeza Rice knowingly lied about WMDs to the country, while Susan Rice basically related what she had been told by intelligence officials. Where was the Republican outrage over the WMD comments?

    Also, if you don't think this administration has done anything good for the last four years, your memory of the Bush years must not be to good. And as for hiding in a corner, no thanks, and I wasn't a pussy and just used my first name.

  6. Mike Smollon says:

    I meant too, My spellcheck needs some work, too!

    1. Quan says:

      Thanks, Mike. Let me add for the record that China was opened by Nixon, and Bush. The spin on Obama's debt to China ignores history and just obliterates actual events and happenings. Bad debt was not created by China. Many have profited from it here.

  7. Julie says:

    I will reserve final judgement about Susan Rice (and whether she should or should not be promoted) to when she actually testifies after direct questions are put to her.

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