Ceasefire delayed while waiting for Sec. Clinton to arrive

When the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza militants was announced on Wednesday afternoon, Fox News’  Jennifer Griffin reported that it could have happened much sooner. “It is […]

Obama race card
List of conservatives’ ‘racially charged words’ keeps growing

At the rate that the left keeps coming up with racial code words, communication is about to become a thing of the past To help poor, unenlightened […]

NBC reporter says U.S. should reign in Israel and recognize Hamas

On MSNBC’s “NOW with Alex Wagner,” NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin took a strong — some would say extremist — position on problems in the Middle East. […]

mature audeinces only
Nudists strip in City Hall to protest San Fran nudity ban

San Francisco’s city supervisors passed an ordinance on Tuesday banning “genital exposure on all city sidewalks, plazas, parklets, streets and public transit” reported the San Francisco Chronicle. Would […]

ABC’s anti-Israel spin: ‘Gazans defending themselves’

With obvious restraint in not mentioning the words “Hamas” or “terrorists,” ABC correspondent Alex Marquardt on Tuesday described the firing of rockets into Israel as “Gazans defending […]

Benghazi talking points an insidious shell game

Yes, we are still talking the talking points United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice used in spinning an “inaccurate” version (PC-speak for fictitious, false, lies) of events in the […]