Take our poll: What should Allen West do now?

Allen WestLove him or hate him, Allen West has made his mark on the national political landscape over the past few years. Many of his supporters have expressed a desire to see him run for a higher office. Tell us what you think.

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50 thoughts on “Take our poll: What should Allen West do now?

  1. LCarrillo says:

    Obama is a catastrophic failure. Immigration, economy, employment, Benghazi, border killings, name it, he is one humongous dud in everything … he has failed at resolving one single issue this nation faces. All he knows how to do is be apologetic and bow to Muslims. Now he is re-elected. There is not one possibility of comparing Romney with Obama. Romney is a producer and a winner, Obama is a zero. Then why you ask, was he elected? Well .. we may have reached what some consider the "tipping point". More takers, than producers. More people willing to suck on the government tit than are willing to make it on their efforts. Were in trouble. Colonel Allen West KNOWS this and has expressed an interest in helping resolve these issues. He needs to be in office and the higher the office the better. We need MORE Allen West's running and guiding this Nation and less socialist leaning people such as Obama.

  2. Ed Brown says:

    No offense to Fox, I sincerely believe a man like Col West in his Prime would be a total waste of talent and drive if we don't get him into office.

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