Secret Service agents spooked by lizards

The United States Secret Service is arguably the world’s premiere protection agency best known for their duty of protecting the life of the President. And though the agency’s reputation has been besmirched by the recent prostitution scandal, it is highly doubtful anyone would call into question the courageousness of the men and women assigned to President Obama’s protection detail.

So, I fully stand behind the agents on the Secret Service advance team being scared to death of the 200 lb. gigantic lizards found all over the grounds of where President Obama will be staying during his trip to Thailand.  The Mail Online reports:

Thai officials, however, reassured the U.S. Secret Service that the massive lizards found on the Government House grounds were not the dangerous Komodo dragons, but the harmless, lazy water lizards.

Water lizard

Yippee.  Carnivorous or not, harmless or not, The Mail Online goes on to say, “while not as aggressive as Komodo dragons, water lizards can be defensive when threatened and use their tail, claws, and jaws [to] fight off predators.”

Wonder if the U.S. Secret Service will now add Herpetology instruction to their Special Agent Training Academy.

Read The Mail Online article.


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