George Will: ‘Going off the cliff implements the Democratic Party’s agenda’

CNN contributor Donna Brazille opines on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday that the present’s re-election represented a clear mandate from the electorate to proceed with his agenda. Columnist […]

Chris Christie should keep his day job. Maybe.

With his latest attempt at humor poking fun of a killer storm that devastated his state, and mine, I’m about to get off the Chris Christie bandwagon. […]

Video: ‘Count the votes’ chant erupts at Allen West recount

When the crowd of Allen West supporters heard the news that Patrick Murphy had declared victory in his battle for Congressional District 18 with West, they weren’t […]

allen west
Canvassing board misses deadline, Murphy claims victory

UPDATE 11/18, 11 p.m. The canvassing board may have missed the deadline for submitting the vote total to the state , but the completed count showed Patrick […]

Secret Service agents spooked by lizards

The United States Secret Service is arguably the world’s premiere protection agency best known for their duty of protecting the life of the President. And though the […]

The four dead at Benghazi
White House denies editing CIA talking points, blames CIA

The best time to kick a hero is when he’s down. Just ask the Obama administration. Now that former CIA director David Petraeus has testified that his […]

House to investigate EPA Administrator’s secret email account

In what may become yet another scandal in President Obama’s “most transparent government ever,” it has been discovered that Obama appointee, EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, and other top officials, […]

Allen West Patrick Murphy vote retabulation
Video: Republican commissioner now in charge of West-Murphy vote tabulation

Commissioner Tod Mowery is a Republican who was charged with overseeing Saturday’s vote tabulation in the District 18 race. Mowery is the vice-chair of  the board of […]