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ABC makes a joke of lost jobs at Hostess

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Whether an attempt at being humorous, or just bad journalism, the cast of Good Morning America at ABC made a joke out of the bankruptcy of Hostess by handing out a plate of Twinkies. The 18,500 workers expected to lose their job may not find it quite as amusing.

Hostess has been in search of a solution to keep the business operating, but failed to reach a deal with the bakers union. As a result, Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn announced the striking workers and resulting costs will prohibit the company from continuing to exist.

NewsBusters noted that both CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today both treated the matter as a serious news story and focused more on the people who will be out of work.

See the video here:


This is the second time in a week that ABC has demonstrated poor judgment. See a related story at ABC News accuses conservatives of inventing Petraeus conspiracy theories.


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