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Obamacare costs passed on to consumer as businesses face reality

John Metz
Restauranteur John Metz will add Obamacare surcharge to his “Grand Slams” in 2014

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With the election of Nov. 6, different people will be learning different things. Restaurant-goers will learn that elections have consequences. The president will learn that every action one takes will have unintended consequences. Restaurant owners are learning that for each new expense, somebody has to be found pay for it.

The president’s re-election makes the Affordable Care Act’s full implementation pretty much a foregone conclusion. A Florida man who owns and operates 45 restaurants scattered throughout Florida, Georgia and Virginia is now planning to add a five percent surcharge on his customers tabs to pay for the costs and avoid the penalties associated with Obamacare.

The restauranteur, John Metz, told FoxNews “People are trying to find ways to avoid the penalties and to avoid having to pay for ObamaCare. Everyone’s looking for a way to not have to provide insurance for their employees. It’s essentially a huge tax on all us business people.”

To further offset the costs, Metz, who oversees roughly 1,200 employees as president and CEO of RREMC Restaurants, LLC, said he also will slash most of the staff’s time to fewer than 30 hours per week. That change will be announced to employees next month, he said.

Although Obamacare won’t be fully implemented until Jan. of 2014, Metz wants to be prepared. “I want to explain it to everybody, to let them know what’s coming down the pike,” he said. “We like to keep our employees informed.”

The changes will force some front-of-the-house employees to look for second jobs, Metz said, but he simply cannot afford the penalties associated with ObamaCare.

According to Metz, “I have a choice: try to live within the rules, or go out of business.”

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