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Liberal Palm Beach Post calls for recount in Allen West race

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I have to give The Palm Beach Post’s Andrew Marra a serious tip of my hat for the intellectual consistency he displayed today by supporting a full recount of the St. Lucie County early votes in the Congressional District 18 race pitting Republican Allen West against Democrat Patrick Murphy.

One thing all Americans should agree on is that our elections should be honest and that all votes should be accurately counted.

West has a legitimate beef with the way early votes were tabulated in St. Lucie County, and County Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker should voluntarily and immediately begin a recount of all those ballots.

Until such a recount happens, St. Lucie County is holding hostage the public’s trust in the honesty and competence of our electoral process. Hiding behind legal technicalities under these circumstances is unacceptable.

Andrew Marra, The Palm Beach Post:

After admitting such an egregious error, Ms. Walker wants the public to trust her when she says the problems were limited to those last three days of early voting. But she has given voters little reason for confidence. In an abundance of caution, St. Lucie County needs to recount all 37,000 early votes, not just the ones that Ms. Walker believes were problematic.

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Jack Furnari


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