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Dennis Miller: WH Press Corps more fawning than Justin Bieber fans

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Obama press conferenceInstead of keeping the president honest through vigorous questioning, the White House Press Corps has once again shown itself to be his most compliant lapdog.

President Obama hasn’t faced the press corps in a full-fledged news conference in over eight months — count ‘em, eight — since March 6. During that time, a lot of questions have come up that demand answers.

Examples include FEMA’s inadequate response following superstorm Sandy; what the president knew about Benghazi and when he knew it; Iran’s act of war one week before the presidential election and why we didn’t hear about it until after the election; Iran’s race to become a nuclear power; and the escalating debt fueled by a rising deficit, just to name a few.

Indeed, Politico predicted Wednesday that “Hard questions await President Obama at news conference,” but it was not to be.

Although a few tough questions were raised, notably by by Fox News White House reporter Ed Henry, we heard no follow-up questions. For the most part it amounted to a presidential statement broken up by occasional polite interruptions.

After about seven questions were asked, Obama said, “I’ll take one more.” That was it.

In the following video, Dennis Miller tells Fox News host Bill O’Reilly that he’d missed the press conference because he “wanted to see a crowd less fawning, so [he] watched the Justin Bieber concert.”

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