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Bolivia approves drastic measures to combat crime, including castration

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Indigenous leaders in the Bolivian city of El Alto, near La Paz, have just approved a penal code that calls for amputating the hands of those who steal and chemically castrating rapists. But the punishments will only apply to indigenous residents of this growing “urban” area of one of the poorest countries in South America.

According to Fox News Latino:

After being sentenced in a newly created court, the unlucky crooks will be operated on by trained doctors paid to perform the procedures. However, if the doctors refuse to put the perps under the knife, lesser-trained, indigenous doctors from the surrounding highlands will be brought in to do the job.

That’s some deterrent.

As a former resident of La Paz, I find the thought of “lesser-trained” Bolivian doctors performing castrations – well, horrifying puts it mildly. Film the procedure and call it, “Ridiculously Beyond Scared Straight.” That’s it! No more crime for you!

Well, we shall see if these punishments will actually serve to deter crime. But, it’s questionable considering that, according to the report, “despite the fear of losing your manhood and hands, the court ‘respects human life’ and won’t sentence anyone to death, [if] even convicted of murder.”

That’s nice of them.

Read more on Fox News Latino.


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