Benghazi testimony underway: ‘This was purely a terrorist attack’

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair Saxby Chambliss emerged from a closed door hearing in which top national security officials testified on the Benghazi attack of Sept. 11. […]

Stacey Dash holds her own against Joy-less Behar on ‘The View’

Conservative black actress Stacey Dash was vilely criticized with racist and sexual comments on her Twitter account when she announced her support for Republican candidate Mitt Romney […]

charles krauthammer
ABC News accuses conservatives of inventing Petraeus conspiracy theories

While conservative media outlets have been demanding answers to questions on the attack on Benghazi for weeks, ABC news is now reporting that any link between Benghazi […]

Bolivia approves drastic measures to combat crime, including castration

Indigenous leaders in the Bolivian city of El Alto, near La Paz, have just approved a penal code that calls for amputating the hands of those who […]

allen west murica
Liberal Palm Beach Post calls for recount in Allen West race

I have to give The Palm Beach Post’s Andrew Marra a serious tip of my hat for the intellectual consistency he displayed today by supporting a full […]

Obama press conference
Dennis Miller: WH Press Corps more fawning than Justin Bieber fans

Instead of keeping the president honest through vigorous questioning, the White House Press Corps has once again shown itself to be his most compliant lapdog. President Obama […]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott ready to ‘negotiate’ on Obamacare

Fla. Republican Gov. Rick Scott is now backpedaling on his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, an issue he ran on when campaigning for office. The governor […]

BizPac Review
Principles, Practicality And Compromise.. Lessons From The 2012 General Election

By George Noga

A principle is a fundamental, primary and general truth or doctrine. Practicality is understanding objective reality and adapting to it. Compromise is the art of being practical while still adhering to principle.

It is clear some compromise is needed for those of us on the center-right in America. We should not sacrifice the good on the altar of the perfect…

Riding the high horse makes YouTube history

I only listen to news and 1980s music stations, so imagine my surprise when I learned on Election Day, of all times, there is worldwide obsession with […]

Forty years after Watergate, we need Woodward and Bernstein

In June, the Washington Post celebrated the 40th anniversary of the biggest scoop in journalistic history — Watergate. Looking back on it, the Post has every right […]