Living on credit
Treasury says deficit spending continues to rise

The Treasury Department gave the president some unwelcome news just as he was preparing to meet with congressional leaders to address our looming fiscal cliff. Although October’s […]

Allen West’s letter to FL Secretary of State sparks investigation

West for Congress released this statement regarding the growing inconsistencies and continued obfuscation coming from St. Lucie County Board of Supervisors, Gertrude Walker, regarding the election results. […]

David Petraeus’ five degrees of separation from Sen. John Kerry

Forget “six degrees of separation” from Kevin Bacon. In the sex scandal of the new millennium, we have five degrees of separation from Gen. David Petraeus to […]

Take our poll: What do you think of the petition movement to secede from the U.S.?

A growing movement to secede from the United States following President Obama’s re-election is building momentum, with online petitions submitted to the White House from all 50 […]

White House dodges ten questions in ten minutes

During Tuesday’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney managed to dodge reporters questions ten times in ten minutes. When asked about the scandals relating to former […]

Response to secession petitions: ‘Strip them of citizenship, peacefully deport’ 

On Monday, BizPac Review reported that petitioners from 20 states, including Florida, had petitioned the federal government to secede from the union. According to The Daily Caller, […]

Conservative call to action: ‘Start behaving like patriots’

For a mountain climber, a small trickle of pebbles at his boots may signal the onset of a killer landslide. See our national situation in that way, […]

Bank protest
Obama intends to close ‘persistent gaps’ between whites and minorities

Recent reports suggest that the Obama administration is about to usher in a scheme that could set the financial services industry back on its heels and make […]