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Suspicious numbers, turnout rates raising eyebrows beyond St. Lucie

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As last week’s election results are being analyzed, numerous reports are beginning to surface which seem to defy normal beliefs regarding voter turnout.

In Philadelphia, 20 of the city’s 60 wards recorded at least 97 percent of the vote for President Obama, while 13 wards registered 99 percent.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “GOP nominee Mitt Romney failed to garner a single vote in 59 of the cities divisions.”

In some parts of Philadelphia, turnout exceeded 90 percent, causing some to label it as “suspicious.”

“In some precincts in Philly, I think you are going to see…places where there are more people voting in a precinct than actually signed in at the poll book,” said Pennsylvania Republican State House Speaker Sam Smith.

A report from Chicago notes that 10 of the city’s 50 largely inner city wards cast 98% of the vote to Obama.

Similarly, in Florida’s St. Lucie County, irregularities in vote totals and turnout numbers have Republican Allen West challenging the results which aren’t close enough to trigger an automatic recount.

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