Video: Angry crowd reacts to ‘misleading recount’ in Allen West race

Allen West supporters expressed shock in Fort Pierce on Sunday, but not because the finally tally in St. Lucie County’s Congressional District 18 race showed West gaining 201 more votes — but  because it was only based on a “cherry picked” partial recount and the supervisor refused to explain why.

Despite the persistent questions over fairness and accuracy, county attorneys, the county canvassing board and Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker refused to answer questions from the campaigns or the press throughout the entire exercise. When the machine count was finished, elections officials announced the total and  immediately had a sheriff’s deputy instruct everyone to leave.

The question everyone  wanted answered was, Why did the supervisor promise to recount all the ballots from early voting and then chose to only
recount three days’ worth of votes?

The three days, according to the West team, did not include the time period when questions were raised about faulty technology on election night.

Many on West’s team said they felt the recount was a big show to make it look as if voting irregularities were addressed. The team is still trying to gain access to the voting logs from St. Lucie County, but has been unsuccessful so far.

Michele Kirk


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