Video: Angry crowd reacts to ‘misleading recount’ in Allen West race

Allen West supporters expressed shock in Fort Pierce on Sunday, but not because the finally tally in St. Lucie County’s Congressional District 18 race showed West gaining […]

McFarland on Petraeus: ‘None of it makes sense’

In an interview Saturday, KT McFarland, Fox News national security analyst – and friend of Gen. David Petraeus – weighed in on Petraeus’ recent resignation. “None of […]

Illinois county raises taxes on cigarettes and guns, ignores pension reform

Facing a budget shortfall of nearly $240 million, Illinois’ Co County voted to increase taxes on cigarettes, guns and casinos, without addressing the root of the budget […]

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Video of GOP chair on Allen West recount: ‘Something’s rotten in St. Lucie County’

Bill Patterson, chairman of the St. Lucie County Republican Party, said county Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker “cherry-picked” the dates for the Allen West recount. Earliertodaythe Allen West […]

West campaign: St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections is trying to steal election

If anyone thought the St. Lucie County emergency meeting and recount starting at 7am on Sunday morning would put an end to the confusion over who won […]

11 Sep attack in Benghazi Libya
Pentagon and the CIA timelines do not match on Benghazi

The Obama administration’s hastily constructed house of cards with respect to the Benghazi terrorist attack is starting to topple. Days before David Petraeus was scheduled to testify […]

SNL: Mitt Romney drowns his sorrows, with milk

The Saturday Night Live sketch on Mitt Romney drowning his sorrows with milk is pretty funny. Best is when Mitt’s son Matt tells his Dad that […]

BizPac Review
Education Can’t Compete With Yard Signs, Robot Calls And Solicitations

I tried to explain that without education and confronting the many distortions and outright lies about the past, it would be impossible to prevent an avalanche of support for Obama in 2012 from a public that has been subject to decades of intellectual intimidation from the Left in academia, the media, among our writers and film producers through the media of literature and Hollywood films.

Video: Allen West’s Veteran’s Day message to SEALs

Congressman Allen West gave a speech honoring Veterans and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Navy SEALs on Saturday. The public got to hear West and […]

Marines celebrate birthday through service

On November 10, the Marine Corps turned 237 years old. But instead of celebrating in the usual way, some Marines are serving their country even further. Fox […]

Petraeus will be required to testify about the attack in Benghazi

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC, said in a Friday interview that Gen. David Petraeus will be required to testify about the attack in Benghazi if he doesn’t offer […]