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Virginia jeweler mourns the loss of our forefathers’ America

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Lyon's Jewelers closedPundits all around thought that not only would Virginia’s 13 electoral votes go to GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney, but that also at least another 257 votes would go the same way.

With the president’s re-election, a storeowner in Bedford, VA was saddened and dismayed and advertised that fact in his shop windows. The most prominent one proclaimed that the store was “Closed to mourn the loss of the America our forefathers endowed to us.”

The signs were displayed on Wednesday, but according to WDBJ-TV, one sign indicated, “Lyons will reopen tomorrow to continue the fight against a president who seeks my demise” and “Shame on VA & USA.”

Yet another sign played off a remark the president made during a campaign stop at a Roanike, VA fire station that business-owners “didn’t build that.” The sign simply said, “I know I didn’t build this — God did.”

In response, a customer hung a sign outside the store which read: “I am sorry you feel this way!!! I do bussiness [sic] I guess I will take it somewhere else!!”

When he reopened, R.T. Lyons, the shop’s proprietor said, “I just didn’t feel like coming to work. There are many days I feel like that as a small business owner.”

As for his mourning process, Lyons said, “I don’t know how many steps there are, but I went through them yesterday.”

I know just how he feels.


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