Latest on recount request, exclusive interview with Allen West attorney

Shari McCartney, an attorney for the Allen West campaign, is in charge of negotiating the security of West’s ballots in Palm Beach County and has been on scene at the Riviera Beach vote tabulation center.

“People are tired,” McCartney said. “But it is going fairly well.”

Complaints submitted by written affidavit will be reviewed by Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher at a later time, McCartney said.

At noon today, Palm Beach and St. Lucie County judges will hear requests for a manual recount after questionable activities were reported on the night of the election.

West, who has not said much about the process publicly, spoke recently with a Miami reporter.

“At about 2 in the morning, they had us up by 2,000 votes, and they went and recounted votes that would’ve already been counted,” he told  WPLG  reporter. “It came back that we were down 2,400, and there were some problems with closing and locking doors up in St. Lucie. So, there’s a hearing today on those type of things, and we will get the results from it.”

The counting continues today until 5 p.m. In Palm Beach County, where elections officials are still counting absentee and military ballots, West gained 300 votes as of Thursday afternoon.


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