Video: Partisan elections supervisor in charge of Allen West ballots rudely refuses comment

Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher has a strict rule that she is the only person in her office allowed to speak to the media. But reporters have typically found her difficult to reach, and to talk to. This video will give you a glimpse as to why.

After a long day overseeing the recording of ballots not yet counted — including critical votes cast in the Congressional District 18 race pitting Allen West against Patrick Murphy — Bucher tried to sneak in a break outside the Riviera Beach vote tabulation center.

Irritated at being disturbed and questioned for a response, Bucher refused to answer BPR reporter Michele Kirk’s request for a comment during her break — or after. Instead, Bucher walked abruptly away, calling Kirk disrespectful for approaching the public official to speak to her, telling her to ‘”leave now.’

Bucher was equally dismissive on Sunday when asked about why she decided not to notify party officials or candidates about her decision to extend early voting, hurrying off into a back room where the media was barred.

Despite the public’s hunger for information on the West race and other election issues, Bucher has been criticized for withholding information from Republican leaders and conservative media.


Elections offices under scrutiny for handling of Allen West ballots


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