Elections supervisor calls police to kick elderly Allen West observer out

Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher called a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy to the Riviera Beach vote tabulation center Thursday to escort an older volunteer for congressional candidate Allen West off the premises.

Bucher asked Norman Gavin to leave after he complained that he could not see the ballots or hear the conversation between two elections workers handling them. He insisted he had to get closer.

Bucher said the volunteer “did not respect the boundaries” she set because he was trying to get closer to the tabulation table to see and hear better, and would not back off when asked to do so.

Complaints poured in all day from observers who said workers handling the ballots were shutting them out.

Beverly Hires, an attorney and West volunteer, said most of the complaints were coming from elderly observers who may have had trouble seeing or hearing and had felt intimidated by being ordered around.

Before being escorted outside by the deputy, Gavin told Bucher he was standing up for his rights. He was told he was no longer allowed to volunteer as a poll watcher.

Stay tuned for more news and other interviews from the West ballot count in Riviera Beach.


Michele Kirk


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