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Chris Christie denies sabotaging Romney campaign

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Speaking to a group of reporters at an event for hurricane recovery workers on Wednesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie denied claims that his praise of Obama hurt the Romney campaign.

“I wouldn’t call what I did an embrace of Barack Obama. I know that’s become the wording of it, but the fact of the matter is, you know, I’m a guy who tells the truth all the time. And if the president of the United States did something good, I was gonna say he did something good and give him credit for it,” said Christie. “It doesn’t take away for a minute from the fact that I was the first governor to endorse Mitt Romney, that I traveled literally tens of thousands of miles for him, raised tens of millions of dollars for him.”

Christie toured areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy with the president, and offered strong praise for his help with federal resources.

This brought criticism from some Republicans who have accused Christie of influencing the election by making Obama appear more ‘presidential.’ Others, such as former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour suggested that the storm stopped Romney’s momentum as the media focus shifted from the presidential cammpaign for several days.

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