Allen West’s motorcycle supporters call elections supervisor ‘Wicked Witch of the East’

The Palm Beach County vote tabulation center in Riviera Beach was packed with Allen West supporters Thursday, many of whom wore black motorcycle vests. The cyclists came to support their fellow freedom rider, West, and volunteered their time to observe the handling of ballots.

The men described for BizPac Review the kind of day they had under rules established by Susan Bucher, Palm Beach County’s supervisor of elections.

Like many others interviewed about the West ballots, the motorcyclists spoke of Bucher’s rudeness and hostility, some of them even privately referring to her as the “Wicked Witch of the East” because she was so abrupt.

NOTE: All the views expressed represent individuals and not the motorcycle clubs in general. Enforcers Motorcycle Club would like to clarify that none of their members called the SOE the Wicked Witch of the East.


One thought on “Allen West’s motorcycle supporters call elections supervisor ‘Wicked Witch of the East’

  1. Patriot says:

    Mr Winslow, Sir, you are incorrect in your statement and your interpretation of 501 c 3 political activity requirements;

    1) Patriot Guard riders prior to this incident had no rules disseminated to members concerning their participation in political activities. I had been a member for almost 7 Years in various capacities and not once had I received such information

    2) 501 c 3 requires that CORPORATIONS OR ORGANIZATIONS as legal entities, not participate in political activities, NOT individuals. That means that PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS INC. may not participate in political activities, i.e. writing checks from Patriot Guard Riders Inc in support of political candidates, or sponsoring or sanctioning events in behalf of a political candidate.

    Individual citizens regardless of their membership are free thankfully to act in any manner they so choose politically. (there are many American Legion and VFW hats at political conventions) This is STILL America so far.

    3) Your statement should have simply been actions or opinions of our members do not reflect the position of the"Patriot Guard Riders Inc. which is a 501 c 3 corporation and does not engage in political partisanship.

    I am ashamed that you do not stand for your members who stand for you..

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