Local GOP Chairman’s message of doom

The following email was sent to Palm Beach County Republicans by their local Party leader Sid Dinerstein on the morning after the election.

The Death of Heroism

The firefight lasted seven hours. The Obama Administration had to do the math, calculating the worth of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, and Information Officer Sean Smith against the possibility of losing votes in Ohio. Ohio won. And the President won Ohio. There is no public outcry. President Obama correctly realized that America had tipped, and Heroism ran a distant second to pop culture.

The other heroes, those that put their life savings, time and lives into building businesses and creating wealth, have similarly met an untimely death. The American people could not have been clearer. From New Hampshire to California, through the industrial heartland of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, American Exceptionalism, Rugged Individualism, Entrepreneurship and Citizenship have finally been put to rest. The Welfare State is now permanent. The rejected model of “save and invest” has given way to the contemporary model of “tax, borrow and spend.” We are all Californians now, on our way to Greece. This will not end well.

It is hard to see a future for Conservatism. It does not exist in Europe, or California. It is no longer welcome in America. The Republican Party will have to take a good look in the mirror and decide what, if any, future it has. For that I make this declaration: “We will not settle in to become the tax collectors for an Obamanation.”

Sid Dinerstein
Republican Party of Palm Beach County


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