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New Black Panthers return to Philly; GOP shut out

New Black Panthers in Ohio
New Black Panther members outside Cuyahoga County Ohio Board of Elections

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In a redux of 2008, New Black Panther members have been taped “monitoring” Philadelphia polling places. Readers may recall images of their intimidating presence four years ago when they were seen wielding nightsticks in Philly.

New Black Panther members have also been photographed outside the Cuyahoga county Ohio Board of Elections.

Meanwhile, according t a Fox News report, Republican election officials were refused entry into numerous Philadelphia polling places. Such election officials verify voter identity and monitor for signs of fraud or disenfranchisement.

According to Fred Voigt, legal counsel for the city commissioners, this is not uncommon for the City of Brotherly Love. “There are no cool heads here,” Voigt said.

A judge has since ordered that the GOP officials be reinstated to their positions.


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