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Giant Obama mural on precinct wall sparks outrage

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This morning we reported that not only were New Black Panther thugs standing guard outside Philadelphia polling stations, but that Republican poll watchers were kept outside the polls until a judge intervened.

Now Fox News reports that a Philadelphia polling site is decorated with a mural of President Obama on the wall directly behind the voting machines. The mural includes the words “change!” and “hope,” together with a quote from the president.

On the morning the polls opened, Republican polling officials drew attention to the image. A Mitt Romney spokesman tweeted: “Voters in Philly’s Ward 35 are being forced to cast their ballots next to this.”

Pennsylvania election law provides, “no person within a polling place may electioneer or solicit votes for any political party, political body, or candidate, nor may any unauthorized written or  printed materials be posted within the polling place.”

When reached for comment by Fox Nerws, Shannon Royer, Elections Deputy Secretary for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania said the following:

“It is an absolute disgrace. Election materials and electioneering inside the polling place are prohibited by state law. This can be interpreted as trying to influence voters inside the polling place. I am told discussions are going on now about covering the mural.“

After numerous complaints from Republican election officials, a judge ordered that the mural be completely covered. Papers were taped over the some parts of the mural, however the Obama logo and quote are still visible. See before and after photo below.

Read the entire story at FoxNews.com.

Obama Mural in Philly


Obama mural before






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