Tuesday’s do-or-die election: Put America on the right road

america votesTuesday’s election isn’t only about politics.

It’s about the freedom to prosper without having wealth confiscated. Entrepreneurship. Values. Personal responsibility vs. freeloading.

This election provides a litmus test of the competence and wisdom of the American voter. Why? Because the most basic decisions about the kind of nation we want to be are on the chopping block. Nanny state serfdom, or freedom to make our own way or fail trying?

The vote we cast on Tuesday is a choice between class warfare and class movement. I prefer to live in an America where our political leaders at the highest levels don’t seek class war to divide us, and won’t promote groups that prey on our fears or use divisiveness for political gain.

This is a vote over whether extreme ideologies promoting “social justice” will win out over “economic justice,” and whether the left’s fight for equal outcomes will triumph over equal opportunities.

On Tuesday, we get to choose whether we prefer the morally bankrupt practice of taking from the productive and successful, and handing it to those who have not earned it.

The choice is simple. Support candidates who don’t mind vandalizing the U.S. Constitution, or support those who believe the Constitution and Bill of Rights may be the most important secular document man has produced.

We will vote on whether we’re better off now than we were four years ago, and whether we are trodding a path to better or to worse. We cast our ballots for whether we hand a diminished America to our children and grandchildren.

Yes, this is our choice. To expand government or limit it. To continue the socialist experiment or abandon it. To allow public unions to wreck the fiscal soundness of government or to rise from the sea of red ink.

We have seen how Mr. Hope & Change of 2008 has governed. This president wants us to forget the promises he made four years ago, and now wants us to buy his new promises.

Well, Pilgrim, here’s a question for you: If his promises for a better country held no water back then, how good are they now? I say, once burned, twice shy.

What’s it going to be, Florida? Our state is a key cog in the machinery of the presidential electoral outcome.  Shall we vote for spending more taxpayer money hand over fist, or shall we insist on savings and balanced budgets? Remember as you step into the ballot box that you are deciding whether you want our government to continue to spend $5 billion a day more than it takes in.

As you mark your ballot, our way of life in America is what’s at stake and what’s resting on your shoulders. Your vote can be one small step in the right direction.

John R. Smith


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