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Quoting Obama is now racist

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MSNBC went way beyond the spending limit of their race card last weekend.

When Chris Matthews appeared on NSNBC’s “Last Word” Saturday night, he was unaware that President Obama originated the phrase “voting is the best revenge” and flew into a rage when he first heard it on the air.

“Where did that line come from?” he demanded. “What’s the antecedent to that? Where’d it come from?”

Alex Wagner explained that it had come from the president himself, and that Mitt Romney had only repeated it and turned it around to his own use. Matthews then found fault in Romney’s repetition of the phrase.

“It’s always been the undercoating of this campaign … that ethnic talk. This talk about revenge is of a piece with that. We grew up with it, we thought we got past it. It’s there,”

For months, Matthews and fellow MSNBC host Toure’ have accused Romney of “niggerizing” the president with “racist” words like “Chicago,” “angry” and “constitution.” Now Matthews considers it racist to simply quote the president.

The following is a video of the exchange between Wagner and Matthews:


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