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President Obama: ‘I’m sort of a prop in the campaign’

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Barack Obama and Bill ClintonOver the weekend, President Obama learned why you always schedule the main event after the opening act. If you do it the other way around, people tend to walk out in the middle of the performance.

According to Charlie Spiering, writing for the Washington Examiner, “Former President Bill Clinton spun a lengthy 22 minute speech that captured the crowd.” This came on the heels of Virginia musician Dave Matthews’ performance to the Virginia gathering.

Clinton’s speech not only captured the crowd — it apparently captivated the current president. He almost missed his cue. “I was enjoying listening to President Clinton so much I had to run up to get my cue,” Obama said. “I was just sitting there soaking it all in.”

Obama later admitted his own lack of relevance — at least to the campaign. “I’m sort of a prop in the campaign.”

And with that, “as Obama was speaking, many people took their cue and began making their way to the exits” according to the Washington Examiner report.

One song the aforementioned Matthews is particularly known for is “Where Are You Going?” If the crowd’s reaction is any indication, the answer to that question for the president may very well be back toy Chicago.

Read the full story at the Washington Examiner.


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