Palm Beach County Republicans burned by Democratic elections supervisor

Dems at Palm Beach County SOEKatie Ballard was one of the first Republicans to hear the buzz about Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher’s last-minute move to extend early voting.

Using a loophole that would allow voters to request an absentee ballot in person, Bucher made the decision to open up voting Sunday and Monday at her main offices in West Palm Beach.

Ballard, who works for Republican state Rep. Bill Hager, is among many who had a problem with the lack of disclosure on the part of the Democratic elections supervisor.

Bucher admitted sending an announcement to choice media outlets (conservative Biz Pac Review was excluded).

None of the candidates, campaigns or Republican Party leaders were notified.

Ballard said she found it disturbing that when she arrived at the Supervisor of Elections Office, there were several Democratic campaign operatives and candidates who had set up shop. Republican signs had been torn down and were scattered on the ground, she said.



Michele Kirk


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