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CNN buries Democratic bias in latest poll

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Cooking the booksDepending upon how you ask the questions or skewer the numbers, you can make a poll say pretty much anything you want it to say. CNN made this fact crystal clear when it announced Sunday that the presidential race was dead even, giving Obama and Romney each 49 percent. They got this result by engaging in some serious “book cooking.”

The poll results were arrived at through a joint CNN/ORC telephone survey of 1,010 voters conducted from Nov. 2 to Nov. 4.

But wait! How did they arrive at their conclusion? You have to dig all the way through mountains of raw data until you finally get to page 29. There they report that of the 1,010 people surveyed,

693 respondents were classified as likely voters. Respondents who reported that they had already cast an absentee ballot or voted early were automatically classified as likely voters. Among those likely voters, 41% described themselves as Democrats, 29% described themselves as Independents, and 30% described themselves as Republicans.

41 percent of the likely voters were Democrats, 30 percent described themselves as Republicans. This is a +11 percent Democrat sampling. In 2008, when “Obama fever” was at its height, exit polls showed that 32 percent Republicans versus 39 percent Democrats voted, a mere 7 percent difference.

Jay Caruso stated it different;y when he tweeted:

Jay Caruso tweet re: CNN poll



This is causing people to ask CNN, “Got bias?” One has only to remove the question mark to answer the question.

GOP Ohio Gov. John Kasich likes to say, “God invented pollsters to make astrologers look accurate.” Ain’t that the truth.


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