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Security on the ground in Libya: CIA account ‘loosely based on the truth’

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According to foreign and American security officials on the ground in Benghazi on Sept.11, the day of the terror attack in Libya, the official CIA timeline released this past week is only “loosely based on the truth” and “doesn’t quite add up.”

Fox News has interviewed multiple U.S. and British military and security sources that were on the ground in and around Benghazi that night.

The story they tell is different than the official version released some seven weeks after the tragedy.

To begin with, the 9:40 phone call notifying the State Department of trouble was not the first sign of danger. U.S. military intelligence told Fox News that up to three hours before the attack began, they knew there was armed militia gathering.

According  to the Fox News report,

British intelligence sources said that unarmed drones routinely flew over Benghazi every night in flight patterns and that armed drones which fly over chemical sites, some a short flight from Benghazi, “were always said to be on call.” American sources confirmed this and questioned “why was a drone armed only with a camera dispatched?”

Another source added, “Why would they put a ragtag team together in Tripoli as first responders? This is not even what they do for a living. We had a first responder air base in Italy almost the same distance away.” Despite the team arriving from Tripoli that night, sources said sufficient American back-up never came.

British sources are also wondering why they were not called to help. “We have more people on the ground here than the Americans and I just don’t know why we didn’t get the call?” asked a British military source.

The details from those on the ground who have observed the security situation  in Benghazi before and during the attack provide a vivid picture. Fox News is still one of the few media outlets investigating and reporting.

Read all the details in the FOX NEWS report.


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