More shocking details from Benghazi cable to Clinton, media still M.I.A.

A classified cable to Hillary Clinton’s office revealed that Benghazi Consulate officials considered suspending operations and moving personnel in with thew CIA operatives at the Annex. This was discussed at an “emergency meeting” held on Aug. 15, less than a month before the attack which resulted in the loss of four American lives.

According  to the cable, first reported on exclusively by FOX NEWS, a State Department representative reported that the situation was “trending negatively” and that “this daily pattern of violence would be the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future, particularly given the minimal capabilities” of the Libyan militia assigned to protect the mission.

Those “minimal capabilities” include fears that it had been compromised to the point of infiltration by extremists.

Reporting specifically on the Libyan security forces, the cable said, “certain sectors of the 17 February Brigade were very hesitant to share information with the Americans, but as the largest brigade they acted as a buffer for the Mission against some of the more anti-American, Islamist militias in town.”

The State Department refused to comment specifically on the cable’s revelations, but only said in a written statement:

“An independent board is conducting a thorough review of the assault on our post in Benghazi. Once we have the board’s comprehensive account of what happened, findings and recommendations, we can fully address these matters.”

Read the full report at Fox News.

In the following clip, Fox News contributors Judith Miller and Kirsten Powers discuss the mainstream media’s lack of coverage in the Benghazi attack and the Obama administration’s lack of candor.


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