Video: Amateur footage of NYC’s flooded East Village

Wow, I lived a few blocks from here, back in my young buck days. Amateur footage of East 8th Street and Avenue C in Manhattan shows vehicles […]

NYC subway floods
Sandy, ‘worst disaster in history of NYC subway system’

Fox News this morning showed video of the storm surge barreling through New York City. Hurricane Sandy has proven to be a huge problem for New York […]

feeling guilty women talk about Obamain ad
‘Feeling Guilty’

“Feeling Guilty”

women against Obama 'boyfriend' video


Margi Helschien , President of Independent Conservative Action Network
Margi Helschien named Independent Conservative Action Network President

Boca Raton Republican Club President Margi Helschien has been appointed president of the Independent Conservative Action Network. Helschien, who is also vice chair of the Palm Beach […]

Desperate Obama campaign puts it’s own workers in jeopardy

Every presidential campaign waits with grim anticipation for an “October surprise,” an event occurring mere weeks before an election that could change the course of that contest. […]

BizPac Review
Jewish Liberal Dinosaurs Will Wake Up To A New Political Landscape On Nov. 7th

By Norman Berdichevsky

On November 7th, the political landscape will have changed and the Democrats will no longer have the Jewish community sewn into their back s.

This is a healthy development and one that bodes well both for the political process because no ethnic group is cast in stone.

Join Republicans’ final push for victory rally in Boca Raton

Media Release: A final political rally will be held on Nov. 1, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Marriott in Boca Raton located at 5150 Town Center Circle. […]

Viral video: Even MIT has gone ‘Gangnam Style!’

This Gangman Style dance craze is starting to remind me a little too much of the Macarena.  

Romney takes the lead in Ohio

The previous Rasmussen poll of likely voters in Ohio had Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama dead even. The trend is now showing a slight shift to […]

Support New Conservative Media
Video: Are you fed up with The Palm Beach Post’s liberal agenda?

If you’re tired of putting up with the liberal media’s biased coverage and left-wing editorializing, then it’s time for you to support the new conservative media. That’s […]

women against Obama 'boyfriend' video
‘Seemed Perfect’ ads harness women’s emotions

Today, Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) releases two new ads in their“Boyfriend”series – “Feeling Guilty” and “Mr. Dependable” – as part of an unprecedented, multi-state, multi-million dollar on-targeted […]