54 pro-lifers arrested for praying in front of White House

54 members of at least three pro-life organizations who demonstrated outside the White House last weekend were arrested for praying. A Washington, D.C. ordinance permits demonstrations outside […]

Unsettling pattern suppresses Military vote in Wisconsin

We hear numerous outcries from the Department of Justice over voter suppression, but rarely when it applies to the military. They risk life and limb for us […]

Florida elections supervisors favor liberal League of Women Voters

Updated: Oct 2, 8:30am A link to a Democratic-leaning voter guide has been removed on the Broward County Supervisor of Elections website, a high-traffic, governmental destination that […]

National group kicks off ‘Fire Obama’ event in WPB

Florida’s swing state status has attracted the national conservative groupAmerican Majority Actionto open one of its Liberty Headquarters in West Palm Beach. With polling showing razor-thin margins […]

New hard hitting Crossroads ad hammers Obama

A new American Crossroads ad titled “World” features the actions of President Obama days after the embassy attacks in Benghazi and his obvious absence at theUnited Nations […]

Egypt’s plans to bolster military with US money

A Texas congresswoman put the kibosh on the first half of a promised $1 billion aid package to Egypt, expressing concern over our relations with that country. […]

Football great committed to helping military heroes

Former NFL wide receiver Phil McConkey traded a jersey and shoulder pads for a three-piece suit when he established his brerage and financial services firm, Academy Securities, […]

Women airbrushed out of Saudi IKEA catalog

Women make up about 52 percent of the world’s population, but apparently the men in Saudi Arabia don’t like to be reminded of this fact. And to […]

Pointless celebrity video: ‘Vote 4 Stuff’

Why is it that just because some moron can emote convincingly while reciting s written by someone else, he suddenly thinks he’s an expert on all things […]

Obama benefits as Clinton rewrites history

Too many local and national politicos try to rewrite political and business history to suit their ideological agendas. Even U.S. presidents do it. The most recent blatant […]

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