White House directs storm victims to internet for emergency info

On Monday we reported that campaign workers were asked to come in and phonebank at the Annapolis Obama campaign offices at a time that Hurricane Sandy was […]

Former CAIR spokesman smears Allen West, solicits for Patrick Murphy

A of a slanderous e by Ahmed Bedier sent to his followers was published in a conservative publication primarily focused on radical Islam, Tuesday. Bedier is […]

On Florida Amendment 12: Vote yes

Eighth in a series Amendment 12 would change the way Florida selects the student representative who serves on the Florida University System Board of Governors. On the […]

Hezbollah in Mexico
Hezbollah’s unholy alliance with Mexico’s drug cartels

Radical Islam has arrived in the United States. A North Carolina congresswoman has been warning us of this for years. The press ridiculed her, the government ignored […]

White House Situation Room -- Hurricane Sandy
Situation Room photos of Obama for Sandy, but not Benghazi

The White House is now disseminating the below photograph of the President hard ay work in the Situation Room directing relief efforts during the onslaught of Hurricane […]

Allen West serves BBQ
Congressman West to serve up ‘Dempublicans’ at Park Ave BBQ

Congressman West will be serving up ribs, wings and “DemPublican” sandwiches at Park Avenue BBQ Grille in North Palm Beach. When: Wednesday, October 31st from 11:30 a.m. […]

New Romney ad: Higher gas prices Obama’s fault

A new ad released by the Romney Campaign uses Obama’s words to explain why gas prices are higher today than when he to office. Watch the ad […]

pat caddell & Ann Coulter
Furious Pat Caddell calls media a threat, ‘cover-up too nice of a word’

Pat Cadl and Ann Coulter reacted to the question,”why is the media giving President Obama and this administration a free pass on the cover-up surrounding the attack […]

NRA’s warning: Don’t let government take your guns in state of emergency

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Cam Edwards, of NRA News spe to Glenn Beck on his television program Monday in a discussion of Americans’ gun rights […]

Chuck Shaw oversees election of ‘president of Palm Beach County’

Mr. Bennett, 5th grade teacher at Equestrian Trails Elementary wanted to bring social studies alive! This year, in honor of the upcoming presidential election, he decided to […]

early voting
Crowded early voting lines spell doom for land of the hanging chads

A visit to the polls this weekend revealed some promising signs for a Mitt Romney victory march, and a dismal view of Palm Beach County election officials’ […]

Women's Anti Obama ads , Mr. Dependable
‘Mr. Dependable’

“Mr. Dependable”