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Forget the vicious Frankel, vote for Hasner

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There’s only one viable choice for voters in the race for Congressional District 22, which pits Republican Adam Hasner against Democrat Lois Frankel.

Hasner is the way to go for any voter who wants Congress to accomplish something.

Partisan Democrats may discount my endorsement as just a conservative endorsing a Republican. There may be some truth to that, but it’s not the whole story — by a long shot.

I’ve known Hasner a long time. I’ve known most of the politicians in South Florida for a long time.

I know who most of them really are.

Last year, when Hasner was still in the Senate race, I wrote that he was a “moderate Republican from a Democratic-leaning county.” I took some heat for that, but it was true then, and it’s true now.

Hasner knows how to work with people and serve the voters in his district like nobody I’ve ever seen. When he was in the state House and one of his constituents called about a problem large or small, Hasner and his staff sprung into action. It didn’t matter whether you were a Republican, Democrat, independent or even if you voted at all. If you had a legitimate problem, Hasner would move heaven and earth to get it straightened out for you.

Hasner has always been willing to work with both sides of the aisle to find real solutions for real problems, and he knows how to get important issues addressed.

Contrast that with his opponent. Frankel is known within political circles for being a nasty, partisan hack who holds grudges, and not just on a partisan basis, but on a personal basis. Oppose Frankel on anything, and Democrat or Republican, you can expect a long vendetta, and a viciousness that even hardened political operatives find disturbing.

That’s what’s really behind the liberal Palm Beach Post’s refusal to endorse in the District 22 race, and the reason the Sun  Sentinel endorsed Hasner.

No one who knows of Frankel’s ugly side wants to see her in Congress.

There are a lot of moderate voters in District 22 who have a real choice to make here, and it’s about competence and character, not party affiliation.

If you want yet another loud, obnoxious congressional representative screaming partisan talking points on TV, who will never get anything done, or forgive the slightest disagreement or criticism, vote for Frankel.

But if, like most Americans, you want your congressman to work for you, to help create jobs, revive our economy and still pay attention to your everyday concerns as citizens, vote for Hasner.

Jack Furnari


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