Forget the vicious Frankel, vote for Hasner

There’s only one viable choice for voters in the race for Congressional District 22, which pits Republican Adam Hasner against Democrat Lois Frankel. Hasner is the way […]

Women’s PAC slams Obama on Benghazi

Women United PAC is now running a 30-second ad comparing the taking of Osama bin Laden with the raid on Benghazi. In the former when the president […]

New TV ad: Democrat Maria Sachs caught lying

A blistering new TV ad accuses Democratic state Senate candidate Maria Sachs of lying on her resume, billing taxpayers for 84 limousine rides and lying about lost […]

Chris Matthews calls climate change skeptics ‘pigs’

While on speaking about climate change with Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., Chris Matthews laments the cycle of politics that only generates discussion on the subject every two […]

mitt romney florida
Romney leads in FL, Mack within striking distance

A poll by Florida-based Gravis Marketingfound that Governor Romney leads President Obama by three percentage points in Florida, 50 to 47 percent. Results show Democrat Bill Nelson […]

Pundits wrong; Gingrich shocked by Gallup early voter poll

Pundits have held that President Obama will lead in early voting. Gallup seems to have proven the pundits wrong. The pollster announced that Romney leads of those […]

Joe Biden video
Biden: ‘I’m going to give you the whole load today’

Joe Biden . . . vice presidential material?  

Former special ops disgusted with Obama: ‘Preserve our honor, vote for Mitt Romney’

Disgusted with events both here and overseas, Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS), a group of retired special operations military personnel, voice their support for GOP presidential challenger […]

Political bumper stickers going the way of the dinosaur

While out driving, you may notice the lack of bumper stickers on cars this political season. It appears that bumper stickers and political buttons of old school […]

Video: Trick-or-treaters don’t like wealth distribution

In what could be termed an act of public service, Steven Crowder teaches wealth redistribution to kids. They don’t seem very impressed with the concept. Watch the […]

close guantanamo bay cuba
U.S. denied access to Benghazi suspect; executive order to blame

Fox News reported Tuesday thatTunisian Ali Ani al Harzi has been identified as one of the men suspected of involvement in the Benghazi embassy attacks, but he […]

Viral video: Why a zombie apocalypse really could happen

If you think zombies can exist only in bos, movies and on the internet, the peeps over at AsapSCIENCE have some information you’re probably going to want […]