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NRA’s warning: Don’t let government take your guns in state of emergency

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Cam Edwards, of NRA News spoke to Glenn Beck on his television program Monday in a discussion of Americans’ gun rights during a state of emergency.

“You need to know your rights,” Beck said. “This is what happens when people’s rights are trampled in an emergency…Somebody takes advantage of that situation,” he later added.

Beck features a clip of Patty Konie, a woman who went through Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She told officers she had plenty of food, was in a dry area and needed to stay home with her dogs. When the officers saw she had a gun — even though it was unloaded — she was tackled, bruised and her gun confiscated.

Edwards suggested gun owners know their rights before disasters strike.  In 2006, then-President George W. Bush signed an executive order called the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act that strengthened individual gun rights during a national emergency.

“What that bill did…it basically says to law enforcement across the country, that you cannot violate the rights of American gun owners, even in a state of emergency, you can’t violate federal law, you can’t violate state law,” Edwards said. “If that happens, then the punishment for those law enforcement agencies is a loss in federal funding.”

See Beck’s video here:


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