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Crowded early voting lines spell doom for land of the hanging chads

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A visit to the polls this weekend revealed some promising signs for a Mitt Romney victory march, and a dismal view of Palm Beach County election officials’ planning for this election.

When the polls opened at the early voting site at Boca Raton City Hall at 7 a.m. on Saturday, there were no Obama supporters to encourage voters. Our “Romney/Hasner/Bodganoff” signs were the only ones on scene until hours later.

Throughout the day, we had five positive responses from voters for every two negative ones.

The overwhelming reaction we got was positive, with enthusiastic thumbs up and supportive comments,especially for our “OBAMA HATES ISRAEL” sign.

Mark Alan Siegel, the disgraced former chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party, seemed to be the Democratic official of choice on scene that day. Siegel recently stepped down from his post after claiming in an interview at the Democratic National Convention that Christians want Jews dead. And yet, Siegel still seems to be a heavy hitter in Democratic circles.

Early voting lines were long, with up to three hours waiting time. With all the problems associated with Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, it appeared that the workers at the Boca polling place were overwhelmed by the turnout. Poor preparation for this blowout election by an extremely Democratic partisan such as Bucher is a real problem. Wasn’t she aware that this would be the election to beat all elections? Another major voting disaster looms over Palm Beach County.

With the weekend voting behind us, indications are that the coming week will see a record number of voters going to the polls for early voting. It behooves those who wish to see the removal of President Obama to get to the polls early, be patient and cast your votes. If you still have an absentee ballot, fill it out carefully and completely, sign the appropriate envelope and send it ASAP. Our kids’ futures hang in the balance.


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