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Chuck Shaw oversees election of ‘president of Palm Beach County’

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Mr. Bennett, 5th grade teacher at Equestrian Trails Elementary wanted to bring social studies alive! This year, in honor of the upcoming presidential election, he decided to conduct a mock class election for president of Palm Beach County.

There were interviews, articles and even a website created. Candidates had a budget and with the advice of their financial group had to track spending. Debates were held for two days and even Mr. Chuck Shaw, School Board Member, stopped by to watch the debates. Students listened, took notes and asked questions.

The purpose was to give students hands-on experience to learn more about our country’s process for choosing a president. Students who wanted to become the next president of Palm Beach County wrote short speeches, a poll was conducted afterwards and the two winners became candidates for their class. The rest of the classes participated as media, financial, set design and debate question groups.

Each student was given a state and an electoral number and voting will take place on October 30, 2012 with the inauguration to follow on October 31, 2012.

Mrs. Johnson, Principal of ETES, said, “I’m truly amazed at the learning that has taken place about our election process and impressed with how seriously each student took their role. It’s something they will never forget and I am so proud!”

For more information contact Michele Johnson at (561) 904-9604 or via email at [email protected].


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