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Romney takes the lead in Ohio

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The previous Rasmussen poll of likely voters in Ohio had Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama dead even. The trend is now showing a slight shift to the right. According to Rasmussen:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Ohio Voters shows Romney with 50% support to President Obama’s 48%. One percent (1%) likes some other candidate, while another one percent (1%) remains undecided.

Ohio remains a Toss-Up in the Rasumssen Reports Electoral College Projections. Based on the current projections, Romney would have to win Wisconsin if he loses Ohio in order to move into the White House.

The candidates have been locked in a very tight battle in Ohio since August. A week ago, Romney and Obama were tied in the Buckeye State with 48% support each. This is the first time Romney has taken even a modest lead in the race.

Ohio isn’t the only state pollsters are keeping an eye on.

Scott Rasmussen has noted that “Wisconsin May Be The New Ohio.” To win the election, Romney will have to win at least one of these two battleground states.

Obama - Romney - Election 2012

Read the full story at Rasmussen Reports.


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