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Left-wing bias from the world of Twitter

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Every now and then I like to visit Twitchy, Michele Malkin’s recap of what’s going on in social media. People tend to let their hair down on Twitter and say what’s really on their mind. It’s only after the tweet is out there that they say to themselves, “Maybe I shouldn’t have written that.”

Robert B. Reich, former labor secretary under Bill Clinton and current UC-Berkeley public policy professor tweeted yesterday:

Not all Republicans are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or xenophobic. Only 73% of them are

It’s nice to know that reason prevails at our institutions of higher education.

Eric Robledo replied to Reich’s tweet:

@RBReich Your students should get a refund on their education…peddling race baiting…pathetic

Michael Martinez saw Reich’s tweet and fought fire with fire:

@RBReich Not all Democrats are serial liars, race-baiters, Marxists, or socialists. Only 99.9% of them are. #GOP #tcot

Liberal media bias? You bet!Of course, misconceptions aren’t limited to leftist college professors. Conservatives are all too familiar with the bias coming from the mainstream media.

Take the case of Rachel Streitfeld who, according to her Twitter profile, is a “CNN political producer covering Mitt Romney, novel fanatic, traveler, Texan, fan of tall people and curls.”

Those “tall people” that she claims to be a huge fan of apparently don’t include the Republican presidential nominee. While covering Mitt Romney as a part of her CNN duties, she noted that he used the term “Democrat” and immediately took offense. She tweeted:

When pledging to be bipartisan, Romney uses derisive term for the opposing party. “I’m going to meet regularly with ‘Democrat’ leaders.”

Jacob Hall, with an obvious nod to a memorable line from “The Princess Bride,” humorously tweeted back:

@streitfeldcnn I don’t think derisive means what you think it means.

And D.M. Hawkins tweeted back:

[email protected] Since when is Democrat derisive? I guess I’ve missed a Daily Kos briefing? You work for CNN? Odd…

There are many more tweets sure to give a smile on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you’ve never been there, I encourage you to give Twitchy a try.


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